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Designed, developed, tested and curated by top Anatomic Pathology lab and research industry professionals, LABdivus Anatomic Pathology workflow software provides unique benefits:

The LABdivus team is the leader in clinical anatomic pathology and research laboratory workflow. Our team has decades of pathology laboratory management experience, and our development team has more than 30 years of experience working with large system databases, web applications, security architecture, and systems programming. 

"With LABdivus I can sign out reports with astonishing speed without using a transcriptionist. The money I save on transcription alone more than pays for the cost of the LIS. The reporting functions are unsurpassed. The pathologists and histotechs in my lab can't imagine going back to any of the previous systems that they have used. No other LIS on the market is as intuitive, efficient, and robust as LABdivus."
Dr. Dan Jondle, M.D.
GI Alliance US Medical Director

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