You’re in business to drive revenue. Manage your samples and validations workflow in your lab to gain productivity while tracking and documenting your operations on each sample. LABdivus tracks samples from accessioning through primary inspector scoring.  Handle workflow deviations in your lab, produce a complete log of sample handling that satisfies GLP and FDA 21 CFR part 11 while providing your customers complete sample history for the work order.  Maintain your FDA inspection criteria and mitigate the bottleneck between production and reporting.
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LABdivus Clinical Trials workflow software is designed, developed, tested and curated by top industry professionals in anatomic pathology labs and the research space.


We know specimen tracking is of utmost importance in a highly regulated environment. To know what specimens are in the work queue, where they are and who handled them provides valuable real-time information as well as an imperative historical perspective.


With LABdivus SOP, workflow tracking and reporting, your operation will avoid compliance issues and shutdowns. Password protection, two-factor authentication and administrative-designated restrictions for users provide a level of security that is fully CLIA, CAP and FDA compliant.


Quick access to patient data, both past and present, allows for greater efficiency in reporting out a case.  Primary Investigators, Pathologists and Scientists have complete control over scoring, sample diagnosis, microscopic descriptions and additional commentary needed for the technical components.  Greater efficiency equals quicker turnaround to final customer report compilation and billing.


Easy data retrieval allows greater flexibility is reporting formats. Derive insights from your data to increase workflow performance and faster intake-to-billing turnover. Track consumable usage to mitigate costly wastage and forecast inventory requirements.


Use LABdivus to create and track your test validations.  Measure and log your test validation runs on your work order samples.  Compile your results and create validation reports against your work orders and samples for FDA reporting.


LABdivus supports a variety of label, slide, and cassette printers with the capability to print both linear and 2D barcodes. Your current printer hardware will connect seamlessly to LABdivus to allow complete integration.


LABdivus’ Cloud-Based application runs on Cerebrum’s cloud servers eliminating the need to expand and management an in-house solution.  Leave the backups and updates to us and rest easy knowing that your data is secure and within your control.  Eliminate the need for high-performance servers, the total cost of ownership is small compared to the growth you will experience in productivity. For those that must have the on-site hardware requirement, an in-house or on-premise solution using our server stack is also available.  Talk to us for more details.


LABdivus is a high-performance web-based application with an easy to learn and operate user interface.  Deployments are customizable to your lab workflow operations.  Talk with us about monthly and paid-in-full packages built specifically for your Contract Research Organization or lab workflow.