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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – CHANDLER, Ariz., Feb 4, 2019  Cerebrum, the leader in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), announced today the launch of its new LABdivus software platform. LABdivus offers a comprehensive upgrade to Patholog, Cerebrum’s previous LIMS workflow tracking system introduced in 2015, as well as extending support to Clinical Laboratory operations.

LABdivus offers improved regulatory compliance, higher specimen processing throughput and reduction in operation costs by providing the most efficient workflow solution for Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Laboratory operations. Workflow automation applies production line principles from the collection of specimens all the way through the various stages of processing the samples to the specimen analysis and diagnosis results reporting by pathologists. By tracking the patient specimen progress through the specimen processing and verifying that all processing conforms with the laboratory protocols, patient specimen integrity is preserved, resulting in improved patient safety as well as reduced operating costs.

According to Gregg Lahti, inventor and CEO of Cerebrum, “LABdivus will save labor costs per specimen, reduce errors and can significantly enhance the revenue stream of your lab.”

Cerebrum designs intelligent lab workflow software solutions for the clinical and research anatomic pathology and genomic laboratories. Founded by a team of laboratory information system architects and computer scientists, LABdivus focuses on improving patient safety and lab efficiencies by tracking specimens from Accessioning to Pathologist sign-out. Our mission is to empower you to perfect your business by perfecting the workflow for all types of patient specimens at busy, growing practices. See more at

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