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Cerebrum offers intelligent lab workflow software solutions for medical and life sciences pathology labs, focusing on improving patient safety, regulatory compliance and lab efficiencies. Founded by a team of laboratory professionals, information system architects and computational scientists, our mission is to enable pathology lab professionals to perfect their businesses by perfecting their workflows for all types of patient specimens at busy, growing practices.

LABdivus® Clinical

for Anatomic Pathology Labs

Cerebrum LABdivus® Clinical Software for Anatomic Pathology Labs is for the anatomic pathology lab businesses looking to grow their practice exponentially.

LABdivus® Research

for Anatomic Pathology CRO's

Cerebrum LABdivus® Research Software is for Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) that do Anatomic Pathology for their main business.

Core Application Features

Cloud Based

Compliant Reports

Chain of Custody

Barcoded Slides

EMR Connectivity

Data Migration


Specimen tracking is of utmost importance at Cerebrum, thus it is performed in a highly-regulated environment. With an imperative historical perspective and valuable information provided in real time; we keep you up-to-date about specimens details such as location in the workflow and chain of custody.


Avoid compliance issues and potential regulatory shutdowns. LABdivus®️ provides complete workflow tracking and audit reporting. Secure features such as configurable-strength user passwords, two-factor authentication and application functional permissions comply with HIPAA meaningful use, CLIA, CAP and FDA requirements.


Cerebrum provides patient data and diagnostic history to the pathologist at diagnosis, informing the pathologist and increasing workflow efficiency. Pathologists have complete control over diagnosis and CPT codes, microscopic descriptions and additional commentary needed for the professional component of the case.


Cerebrum reports metrics from your lab on workflow, providing greater analysis of your lab operations. Lab tech performance, asset and consumable usage, specimen processing throughput and specialty reporting such as cancer or special diagnoses reports are included to help you manage your lab to peak efficiency.

EMR Connectivity

LABdivus®️ provides HL7-compliant and API interfaces to improve your entire system of workflow from the office or surgical center, through the lab to the final physician EMR, including patient demographics and insurance, procedure information, pathology report and billing. Connect and automate your data workflow using Cerebrum’s connectivity applications to your existing environments and fully automate your complete workflow operation.


LABdivus®️ utilizes barcoding of all material, enforcing patient-specimen integrity while providing workflow and lab efficiency at all points in the lab. A wide variety of label, cassette and slide printers and barcode scanners are supported.

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LABdivus® in Action​

Trusted by Pathologists and Lab Directors

“With LABdivus®️ I can sign out reports with astonishing speed without using a transcriptionist. The money I save on transcription alone more than pays for the cost of the LIS. It is clear that pathologists and histotechs were heavily involved with the design of this program. It is very intuitive to use. The reporting functions are unsurpassed. The pathologists and histotechs in my lab can’t imagine going back to any of the previous systems that they have used. No other LIS on the market is as efficient and robust as LABdivus®️.”

“Using LABdivus®️ for outpatient laboratory setting system is perfect, it allows for efficient workflow. If you can cut down seconds to minutes per step, it adds up to real time at the end of the day.”

“The pathologist workflow is seemless. Requisition, specimen and historical patient reports are immediately available when I diagnose the current specimen. I am a better pathologist using LABdivus®️ than with other systems I’ve used”.